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Strategic Business Planning

Do you have a vision for your business, but not a clear path to get there? Our strategic business planning services will help you assess your goals and develop a plan to drive your business to the next level.


We offer free consultations to help you get started. Call 405-759-2796 or fill out the form on this page to get your free consultation today.

Do you need a business plan?

A strategic business plan is much more than a tool to obtain financing. If you still have all you plans and ideas locked up inside your head... preparing a strategic plan helps you clarify your company's direction, ensures your key leaders are all "on the same page", and keeps both management and staff focused on the tasks at hand.

Starting a new venture, product or service

If you're adding a new product or service to your existing business, then it's time to revisit your business plan.

Expanding a current organization, product or service

If your organization has changed and you're looking at expanding, congratulations! It's a great time to review your business plan.

Buying a new business, product or service

Are you purchasing a new business and folding it into yours? Or perhaps just purchasing a new product or service offering... you definitely need to revisit your strategic planning.

Turning around a declining business

 When a business is in decline, it's not an automatic signal of the end. In fact, it's a perfect time to gather your thoughts and plan the best strategy to move forward.

Having great ideas and products isn't enough. Let us help you develop a powerful strategic business plan that drives your business to the level of success you deserve.
We've helped large, small, and medium businesses excel, and our success stories prove it. 

What's included in a strategic business plan?

The strategic plan provides a blueprint, describing your company, its products, the competitive environment, management team, financial health, and business risks.

Company Summary

This is not just an overview of your company's vision and mission, but a detailed outline of your products, services, and the team that works with you.

Development Plans

This includes marketing plans with full descriptions of targeted promotional campaigns with implementation timelines, as well as staffing plans for growth.

Financial Summary

Developed financial plans including projected startup costs, operating costs, revenue, profits, and break-even analysis for the first 3 to 5 years.

Free Small Business Accounting Consultation

Looking for the missing manual for managing your small business's accounting? We couldn't find one either... but we can certainly guide you in the right direction.

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