Labor Unions

Accounting Services for Labor Unions

You put everything you’ve got into helping others. You don’t have the time (or even the inclination) to handle your accounting. You need an expert to take care of the day-to-day tasks as well as the heavy lifting. At Ascension, it’s our goal to free you up to allow you to help as many people as possible.


There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” accounting. At Ascension, we tailor our services to fit your needs. We want to help you rise above your potential and achieve your goals.

Non-Profit Reinstatement

Did you know that failure to file Form 990 for 3 consecutive years will revoke your non-profit status? If your Labor Union falls in this category, don’t panic, give us a call! While it is an urgent issue, we know what it takes to get your organization reinstated and back in good standing with the IRS.

Coaching & Consulting

We want you to be your very best. We’re happy to offer you our expert advice on an array of accounting questions, including: personal and business financial strategies, budget creation, accounting software, and much more.

Personalized Training

We understand that your staff is often made up of individuals who work full-time in addition to their contribution to the Labor Union. We also understand that many are skilled in areas outside of accounting and business management. We provide virtual training sessions designed to educate each member of your team.

Taxes/LM-2/LM-3 Reporting

Taxes can be cumbersome and complex – that is especially true when it comes to Form 990. Not to mention the additional reporting requirements, required by the Department of Labor, for many Labor Unions. The requirements for these organizations can be intense and, if not handled properly, can trigger an IRS audit. Why risk it? Let Ascension CPA take the burden and alleviate all your worries!


If the week before payday makes you groan out loud, pass the pain to us. At Ascension, we will process payroll, pay your payroll taxes, and more. Your employees will always be paid correctly and on time.

Tax Consultation for Labor Unions

Trust the Experts

Focusing on all the areas of your labor union’s operations can hold many challenges. Government regulations are continually changing and keeping pace with those changes while having your members’ best interests at heart requires time, resources and expertise.

Ascension CPA can provide you with experienced professionals specializing in supporting all aspects of your organization’s business needs.