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Our Values

 At Ascension, we’re determined to help our clients pursue their passions rather than worry about accounting issues. We pride ourselves on putting people before numbers. Founded by Jamie Ward, CPA, and Cassidi Heltcel, CPA, in Oklahoma City, we bring our decades of accounting and banking experience to help our clients grow. We love our community, and we’re delighted to serve it.

How do we do that? Our core values inform everything we do. These values include:


Commitment to Clarity

If you’ve ever walked away from your accountant feeling more confused than ever, you’re not alone. At Ascension, we work to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your financial situation. And if you don’t? We’ll explain it to you until you do. No problem.



Embrace the Entrepreneurial Spirit

We see you, small business owners. We know how hard you work to build your dream into a reality. At Ascension, we greet the challenges that entrepreneurs experience with open arms. Bring it on— we’ll help you carry the load.



No Hassle Pricing

 Our commitment to all-in-one flat fee pricing means that you won’t have to guess how much our services will cost. We let you know what to expect up front. No nasty surprises!

Rising Above

We’re dedicated to helping our clients AND our team rise. We use a combination of our experience, our knowledge, creativity, and grit to achieve (or even crush) goals.  


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