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Below you'll find two options for getting your taxes completed: Essential & Full, as well as our discounts and add-on services. To get your taxes started, please fill out the form or give us a call a405-759-2796.

Tax Preparation Packages


  Full Essential
Filing of Personal Tax Extension checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Filing of Business Tax Extension checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Completion of Annual Tax Return checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Completion of Annual Tax Return for Owner(s) checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Electronic Filing of Tax Returns (if allowed) checkbox-icon checkbox-icon 
Electronic Signing of Tax Returns checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Digital Copy of Returns (initial flash drive provided) checkbox-icon checkbox-icon 
30 min. Post Tax Consultation (Appt. Req'd)   checkbox-icon
Free Advice & Consultations checkbox-icon  
Review of Accounting File checkbox-icon  
Compiled 2019 Financial Statements checkbox-icon  
Resolution of Tax Notices (re: 2019 Return) checkbox-icon  
Completion of Annual Tax Return for Minor Child(ren) checkbox-icon  
End of Year Review/Projection of IRS & State Estimated Tax Pmts. checkbox-icon  
Estimated Tax Payment Reminders checkbox-icon  



Discounts are applicable to tax preparation fees only. Excludes All Add-On Services

Loyalty Discount, 5%


This begins with the 5th consecutive year.


Prepayment Discount, 10%


This discount is applicable when you pre-pay upon dropping off or uploading your documents to us.

Add-On Services

Clean Up of Accounting File, $3,000


Includes necessary entries to correct financials for tax preparation.





Business Debt Reduction Plan,
Fee determined on per client basis


Includes in depth review of business expenses, comprehensive analysis of existing debt, debt reduction strategies, and recommended pay-off plan. Includes initial discovery meeting (occurs after 4/30/2020) and two progress meetings per year until debt is paid off (separate engagement required).

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Please note: The deadline for sending your tax return to the IRS is March 16th for Partnership and S-Corp returns and April 15th for C-Corp returns. Please note that if you have a tax liability due for your C-Corp or personal return the payment for that liability is also due on April 15th.


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