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Everything Ministers/ Clergy Should Know About Their Housing Allowance

What is a Housing Allowance?

Perhaps one of the least understood tax benefits, a housing allowance (also called a parsonage...

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Topics: Tax Strategies, Taxes, Retirement Plan

How the 2018 Law Changes Impact Pastors and Clergy Taxes

Try Googling your church’s tax issues, and you’ll find lots of misleading information. It’s a unique tax niche. You’ll find...

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Topics: Tax Strategies, Taxes, Financial Advice

5 Money Saving Tax Strategies for Clergy

Churches and taxes have a very long history. Although churches haven't paid taxes since the founding of the United States in...

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Topics: Tax Strategies, Taxes, Retirement Plan

Churches Payroll Taxes. To Pay or Not to Pay.

In our experience as CPAs, we have learned that a lot of churches are not properly managing their payroll taxes. There are...

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Topics: IRS, Taxes, Clergy/Church