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Small Business Accounting: 6 Ways To Get More From Your Bookkeeper

When you start a business, it is one of the most simultaneously rewarding and stressful experiences. Keeping on top of...

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Topics: Financial Advice, Accounting, Small Business

Should I File a Schedule C?

Taxes are often a convoluted, confusing time and it can be even more confusing when trying to understand what needs to be...

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Topics: Tax Strategies, Taxes, Accounting

Tips To Find the Right Tax Accountant For Your Business

Even though you want to save money (and we encourage you to do so!), it is important to work with an accountant, especially...

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Topics: Tax Strategies, Taxes, Accounting

5 Dates that Need to Be on Your 2018 Small Business Calendar

Calendars and scheduling can be tricky, but when it comes to finances it can be even trickier...so the combination of the two...

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Topics: Accounting, Business Advice, Bookkeeping

6 Keys to Successful Small Business Accounting

Bookkeeping, finances, revenue - these are all terms, among many others, that tend to be intimidating for many small business...

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Topics: Business, Business Strategies, Financial Advice

5 Ways to Save on Small Business Payroll Costs

One of the biggest challenges associated with a business, whether large or small, is managing costs. Whether it is outside...
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Topics: Business Strategies, Financial Advice, Accounting

The 3 Biggest Financial Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Some of the biggest financial mistakes small business owners make are often in the beginning when getting the business up and...

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Topics: Business, Financial Advice, Accounting

3 Tips for Managing Accounts Receivable Successfully

When running a small business, it is important to keep an eye on each component of finances. Though seemingly daunting,...

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Topics: Business Strategies, Accounts Receivable, Accounting