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Get started on your 2018 taxes.

Below you'll find two options for getting your taxes completed: Essential & Full, as well as our discounts and add-on services. To get your taxes started, please fill out the form or give us a call a405-759-2796.

Tax Preparation Packages


  Full Essential
Filing of personal tax extension checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Filing of Business Tax Extension checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Completion of Annual Tax Return checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Completion of Annual Tax Return for Owner(s) checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Electronic Filing of Tax Returns (if allowed) checkbox-icon checkbox-icon 
Electronic Signing of Tax Returns checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Digital Copy of Returns checkbox-icon checkbox-icon 
2018 Post Tax Consultation (Appt. Req'd) checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Document Sharing Account (Online Portal) checkbox-icon checkbox-icon
Review of Accounting File checkbox-icon  
Compiled 2018 Financial Statements checkbox-icon  
Resolution of Tax Notices (re: 2018 Return) checkbox-icon  
Completion of Annual Tax Return for Minor Child(ren) checkbox-icon  
End of Year Review of IRS & State Estimated Tax Pmts. checkbox-icon  
Estimated Tax Payment Reminders checkbox-icon  
Free Advice & Consultations checkbox-icon  



Discounts are applicable to tax preparation fees only. Excludes All Add-On Services


Loyalty Discount, 5%


This begins with the 5th consecutive year 


Prepayment Discount, 10%


This discount is applicable when you pre-pay upon dropping off or uploading your documents to us.


Add-On Services


Clean Up of Accounting File, $3,000


Includes necessary entries to correct financials for tax preparation.


Year-End Tax Projection, $1,500


Includes 2019 tax estimate and year-end tax savings suggestions.


Industry Benchmarking, $500


Includes customized financial analysis and comparison to other businesses in your region & industry.

Ready to get started on your 2018 taxes?


We're excited to work with you.


Please note: The deadline for sending your tax return to the IRS is March 15th for Partnership and S-Corp returns and April 15th for C-Corp returns. Please note that if you have a tax liability due for your C-Corp the payment for that liability is also due on April 15th.


Please fill out the form to get started, or call us at 405-759-2796.