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Accounting for Construction

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We are innovative construction accountants.

Out team of construction accounting specialists work construction businesses to help them reach their maximum profit potential through complete accounting services and experienced business advice.

We have experience advising a number of construction businesses operating in all trades and can develop a customized accounting solution that works for you.

Let one of our savvy construction accountants relieve your financial workload and allow you to focus on what you do best.

We provide reliable and innovative construction accounting services.


Real-Time Accounting

Tired of not knowing where you are financially until the end of the year? We use technology to your advantage with software that allows us to host our clients’ QuickBooks files. What does this mean for you? The ability to make informed business decisions based real time accounting information.



We use industry data to compare the results our clients are achieving against their peers. This enables us to provide feedback to our clients on how their business is doing compared to the industry. By doing this we can tell our clients specific areas that they need to work on and provide recommendations to make them more profitable.

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Tax Planning

From audits to tax return preparation, we provide solutions to minimize tax costs while staying in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. By examining each company's specific tax planning needs, while also considering the needs of equity owners, we can help you develop tax strategies and use credits and incentives to minimize or defer tax liability.

"During a recent IRS audit regarding my personal tax return they handled the entire process and I never had to meet with the IRS agent. Within a month I received a letter saying that I had passed the audit and I didn't owe any additional taxes.”

Jason Werner | Trademark Exteriors

Tax Deductions for Home Builders

Due to the slowdown in the economy over the last few years, Congress has passed several new tax laws. One of the most important tax law change came in 2004 with the passing of Section 199, which allows home builders to claim the Gross Domestic Production Activities Deduction.

This deduction is available to all home builders regardless of what tax forms you file. Our experience is that about 95% of the home builders tax returns we have reviewed have not claimed this deduction. For more information, please see our post on the Section 199 deduction.

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We do more than accounting. We add value on your teams.

Ascension CPA can handle your invoicing, bookkeeping and accounting for you. Our clients just email or fax us their estimates and monthly bills and we prepare all invoices and checks.

We also provide our clients the ability to log-on to our server they may print checks to disburse along.

Whether you provide services in the residential, commercial, or government sector, it's an accounting solution built on your terms.

  • We can show you where your profits are losses are.
  • We can prevent over-paying taxes by taking advantage of home builder tax deductions.
  • We ensure your books are accurate by properly coding and processing your accounts payable.