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Get To Know Your Cash Flow-to-Debt Ratio Before Panicking About Debt

As of this writing, times are currently very tough for small businesses across the United States and all over the world. Among...

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Topics: Small Business, Cash Flow Management, Debt Relief

Every Manager Needs an Exit Strategy for Their Small Business

Many small business owners experience the thrill of a new business idea yet few consider the type of exit strategy they will...

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Topics: Business Strategies, Small Business,

7 Tips To Make a Debt-Free Business Possible

Running a business during an economic downturn can be challenging at best and terrifying at worst. Individuals that start a...

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Topics: Business Strategies, Small Business, Debt Relief

Outsourcing vs. In-House Accounting: What's Right For Your Business?

Small business owners rank their accountant as the #1 most important job to their success. Accountants rank above lawyers,...

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Topics: Accountant, CPA, Small Business

The Small Business' Guide to Total Financial Transparency

How transparent is your small business? The U.S. is seeing a strong trend toward increased financial transparency at small...

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Topics: Accountant, CPA, Small Business

The Complete Tax Prep Checklist for Small Business Owners

Tax season is here--and that means time to file your taxes. Do you have everything you need in order to ensure that your taxes...

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Topics: Deductions, Taxes, Business Advice

Tax Tips: Small Business Deductions Checklist

As if running a small business was not stressful enough, tax season is around the corner. This usually means that most...

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Topics: Tax Strategies, Deductions, Taxes

What The New Tax Law Means for Business Owners... Explained with Food

If you’re like most business owners, when you hear about the new tax law, you become instantly overwhelmed. After all, the...

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Topics: Taxes, Small Business, New Tax Law

Small Business Accounting: 6 Ways To Get More From Your Bookkeeper

When you start a business, it is one of the most simultaneously rewarding and stressful experiences. Keeping on top of...

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Topics: Financial Advice, Accounting, Small Business

The Pros & Cons of the New Tax Law for Small Business Owners

Despite the controversies over the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by U.S. Congress back in December, small business owners...

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Topics: Tax Strategies, Taxes, Small Business

3 Key Areas That Help Determine If A Business Is Financially Healthy

Gauging the financial health of a business requires a multitude of considerations, and it is not always a straight-forward...

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Topics: Financial Advice, Small Business, Financial Health

3 Tips To Successfully Transition The Family Business: From The Owner's Child to Small Business Owner

A family business comes with own sets of pros and cons. While it is great to have a business be passed down that has already...

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Topics: Small Business, Small Business CPA, Succession Planning