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How to Use a Tax Deferred Savings Plan

A tax-deferred savings plan can slow the drip, drip, drip of income taxes. Uncle Sam taxes your pay before you draw it. If you...

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Topics: Taxes, Retirement Plan, IRA

What to Do When You Have Back Taxes

Realizing that you have back taxes to pay can be both frustrating and terrifying. You owe money to the IRS--now how are you...

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Topics: Tax Strategies, Debt, Taxes

Small Business Accounting Tips: 6 Ways To Get More From Your Bookkeeper

Running a small business will be one of the most simultaneously rewarding and stressful experiences. Keeping on top of...

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Topics: Financial Advice, Accounting, Small Business

What is Tax Planning?

Tax planning is a scary prospect - and so are taxes really. However, nothing is worse than being hit by a giant tax bill at...

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3 Key Areas That Help Determine If A Business Is Financially Healthy

Gauging the financial health of a business requires a multitude of considerations, and it is not always a straight-forward...

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Topics: Financial Advice, Small Business, Financial Health

How To Get Ahead: Steps You Can Take To Prepare Next Year's Budget Now

It might sound early, but it is time to start working on next year's budget. Getting ahead of the game is crucial because it...

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Are You Making Bad Business Decisions? How To Avoid This

No business, large or small, likes to believe that the decisions they are making are not quite right. It is true that bad...

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How To Create Tax-Free Fringe Benefit Deductions for Your Smartphone

Sometimes, it is the items we least expect that can provide some sort of tax benefit for business owners. Even everyday,...

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Topics: Business Strategies, Tax Strategies, Deductions

Should You Outsource Payroll to a Third Party?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and outsource your payroll? Step back for a minute and consider how...

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Topics: Business Strategies, Management, Accountant

6 Keys to Successful Small Business Accounting

Bookkeeping, finances, revenue - these are all terms, among many others, that tend to be intimidating for many small business...

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5 Ways to Save on Small Business Payroll Costs

One of the biggest challenges associated with a business, whether large or small, is managing costs. Whether it is outside...
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4 Benefits of Incorporating Your Business.

As a business owner, it is likely that at some point you have asked yourself “should I incorporate my business?” If your...

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