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Outsourced CFO services cost: what you need to know


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Topics: Accountant, CPA,

An Argument for outsourced CFO services for your small business

This cost-effective option can help provide financial peace of mind

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Topics: Accountant, CPA, CFO services

What to Account for in Your Small Business’s Financial Strategy

For most small business owners, a solid financial strategy is essential for growth and overall financial success. 

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Topics: Business Strategies, Business Advice, Debt Relief

Get To Know Your Cash Flow-to-Debt Ratio Before Panicking About Debt

As of this writing, times are currently very tough for small businesses across the United States and all over the world. Among...

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Topics: Small Business, Cash Flow Management, Debt Relief

Every Manager Needs an Exit Strategy for Their Small Business

Many small business owners experience the thrill of a new business idea yet few consider the type of exit strategy they will...

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Topics: Business Strategies, Small Business,

7 Tips To Make a Debt-Free Business Possible

Running a business during an economic downturn can be challenging at best and terrifying at worst. Individuals that start a...

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Topics: Business Strategies, Small Business, Debt Relief

How to Reduce Your Business Debt in 8 Steps

Owning a small business can be one of the most rewarding things an individual can do. From the cultivation of an idea to the...

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Key Cash Flow KPIs You Should Keep an Eye On

The importance of cash flow cannot be underestimated because it’s literally the lifeblood of a business. Simply put, it is the...

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Topics: CPA, Financial Advice, Business Advice

How to Free Up Cash Flow - 10 Top Tips

A positive flow of cash for small businesses often indicates that sales are good, expenses are under control, and that overall...

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Topics: CPA, Financial Advice, Business Advice

Accounts Receivable Turnover Can Really Affect Your Cash Flow

When business is good, work flows in and revenues increase. For many business owners, this creates expectations of increased...

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Topics: Cash Flow Management,

Everything Ministers/ Clergy Should Know About Their Housing Allowance

What is a Housing Allowance?

Perhaps one of the least understood tax benefits, a housing allowance (also called a parsonage...

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Topics: Tax Strategies, Taxes, Retirement Plan

How the 2018 Law Changes Impact Pastors and Clergy Taxes

Try Googling your church’s tax issues, and you’ll find lots of misleading information. It’s a unique tax niche. You’ll find...

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Topics: Tax Strategies, Taxes, Financial Advice