Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the things that are vital for a business to get right day to day.  KPIs usually fall into three main categories:

  • Velocity - For a financial services firm and example of a velocity KPI would be turnaround time.  The amount of time it takes a firm to complete a project from when the work comes in the door to when the work goes out the door.  Dell uses turnaround time to measure the amount of time it takes once a customer places an order to when the order leaves Dell's manufacturing facility.
  • Financial - Innovative sales is an example of a financial KPI.  For a service company it could be the amount of sales from services introduced within the last three years.  For a product company like 3M it could be the amount of sales from products developed during the last three years. 
  • Customer - Customer loyalty and customer referrals are examples for customer based KPIs.  Since it takes on average 4 to 11 times more to acquire a customer than it takes to keep a customer tracking customer retention is vital.  Because word of mount is the most effective way to acquire the right kind of customers, referrals from existing customer are a leading indicator that the company's current customers are delighted. 

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