One of the first questions we ask our clients when start a business consulting project is "do you own a job or do you own a business"?  What would happen to the business if you went on a vacation or were unable to work?  If you want to own a job you might as well stop reading this and get rid of the business and just go get a job working for someone else.  However, if you really want to own a business you should read further.

Many business owners spend a lot of their time each day on non-value added tasks related to their business. There are a couple of things business owners can do to increase the value of the time they spend on their business.  First, most business owners have a "to do list" that list tasks that must be done.  We recommend that business owners also develop a "stop doing list" that lists non value added activities that they spend their time on each day/week/month.  Second, business owners should identify tasks they spend their time that can be either reassigned in the company or outsourced.

If you currently own a job and want to own a business instead give us a call at 405-759-2796 we can help.